Informed decisions

With Schneeprophet you no longer rely only on the weather report and your gut. Based on the latest weather forecasts, snow depth and weather station measurements, as well as snowmaking data from your ski resort, our software simulates the slope conditions into the future – in detail and at high resolution. This maximizes your chance of always making exactly the right snowmaking decision. With Schneeprophet, you reliably ensure the best slope conditions with minimal resource consumption.

Effective snowmaking strategies

Schneeprophet takes into account the snowmaking strategies relevant to your ski area to predict their respective impact on your slopes in the future. Our software clearly shows you the resulting snow conditions. This way you always make the right decision which strategy is the best for you at the moment.


Conservation of resources through reduced consumption of water and energy for sustainable ski tourism.


Effective cost savings through targeted snowmaking. Long-term and sustainable.


Perfect slope conditions through reliable simulation of snowmaking and natural snow.

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Real-time snow simulations

Schneeprophet continuously computes and integrates real-time data streams from various sources.

  • Valuable data from your ski resort (high-resolution snow depth measurements and operating data of the snow guns)
  • Meteorological data from weather stations in and around the ski area
  • Latest high-resolution weather model forecasts

Analyze and compare forecasts

The predicted conditions can be compared and analyzed with Schneeprophet. For this purpose, a number of configurable evaluation indices are calculated and visualized.

  • Snow simulation with forecast into the future – on and off the slopes
  • Simulation of snowmaking and slope preparation
  • Extremely high resolution in the meter range
  • Comparison of energy and water consumption
Schneehöhe Similation

Identify problem spots and hotspots

The extremely high resolution in the meter range supports you in identifying local hotspots or particular problem areas of snow conditions and in adjusting your strategy by comparing and analyzing forecasts.

Individualized features and personal consulting

Through our additional features and consulting services, we can individually expand your Schneeprophet system and adapt it to your needs. For even more targeted calculations and forecasts.

Past analysis

Together with you, our team compares past seasons and draws the right conclusions.

Virtual infrastructure testing

New components in the snowmaking system can be virtually tested in the simulations before acquisition.

Snow depots

The simulations can help to better assess the location and efficiency of snow depots and thus to plan for them.

Virtual testing of saving actions

In the simulations, actions for saving resources in snowmaking can be tested virtually. Required energy and water quantities are calculated precisely.

Integration with third-party systems

Several systems are used in your daily snowmaking routine. Schneeprophet is prepared to be connected with any of these tools.


Simulate achievable savings

Quick results: see immediately how much resources and costs are saved. Successes become measurable.

Schneeprophet is a product
of the lumiosys GmbH


We are a Tyrolean start-up and support ski resorts in making optimal use of their technical snowmaking. For this purpose we have developed the software Schneeprophet with our 20 years of experience in snow research.

Florian Hanzer, PhD

Florian Hanzer, PhD

Founder, Managing Director and CTO lumiosys. IT & Software. Senior Researcher.

Dr. Michael Warscher

Dr. Michael Warscher

Founder, Managing Director and COO lumiosys. Operations & Admin. Senior Researcher.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Strasser

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Strasser

Founder lumiosys. Research and development. Professor at the Institute of Geography, University of Innsbruck.


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